4 Awesome Things About Having the Right Dentist

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have the right dentist. There are so many benefits that come with access to consistent and reliable dental care. If you are wondering why having South County Smiles on yours side makes such a difference, consider these four things!

A Partnership to Achieve Better Dental Health

Life gets busy and priorities change. It makes it challenging to keep track of things like dental appointments, cleanings, and required dental work.  It’s easy to let these things go until you are experiencing pain, which is not the best course of treatment. The nice thing about seeing us regularly is that we can set appointments in advance and notify you when those dates are approaching via email, texts and reminder calls. That means it is a bit easier to get into the habit of coming in regularly and it helps to minimize the chances of a major issue advancing too far before detection or pain develops.

Answers for Your Questions

You may have question about your oral or dental health from time to time, and answers from a dentist are more likely to be correct than navigating your way through all sorts of contradictory information online. It’s nice to know you can ask questions about what sort of toothbrush is best or why using a certain type of toothpaste will produce better results. Like doctors, dentists tend to provide information discreetly. If you are a little embarrassed about not knowing how to floss properly, or have a concern that you need addressed, you can rest assured will not discuss your concern or conversation with anyone else.

Various Treatment Options

There may be more than one treatment option for the dental condition you are facing. When you regularly see a dentist in the same office, it’s easier to compare those options and settle on the best one based on your general health, past dental history, and immediate needs. We will point out the pros and cons associated with each course of treatment, so you can settle on the approach you believe is the right one. Personalized and professional care is our constant goal.

Help in a Dental Emergency

Most of your dental care is planned in advance, but accidents happen. Unexpected falls, objects hitting you in the mouth, motor vehicle accidents  all have the potential to cause a dental emergency or unexpected condition. In these instances, feel comfort in knowing that South County Smiles is compassionate and consistent in our level of care. We always strive to make your negative situations into a positive outcome and come to an appropriate resolution.

Along with these four examples, there are several more reasons to find the right dental professional and forge a working relationship that gets you from your first dental visit all the way to retirement. If you don’t have a dentist now, change that today. Give us a call and begin a relationship built on a foundation of professionalism, mutual respect, compassion and a commitment to your health and well being.

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