Compassionate Care

Not only do we care for our patients and strive to offer them the best possible care within our office, but we also strive to provide exceptional care to patients in need who may not be able to afford their dental treatments. We have a longstanding partnership with Dental Lifeline Network and provide dental care free of charge to patients each year.

Comprehensive Care

Our team of doctors offers care in several different focus areas. Their diverse backgrounds and focus areas ensure that patients are able to receive specialized care for whatever procedures and treatments may be required. In addition to general practitioners we have periodontists, endodontists, as well Implantologists and facial esthetic specialists.

Collaborative Care

collaborative dental care in Wakefield, RI The doctors at South County Smiles collectively hold well over 50 years of dental expertise and experience. The most unique aspect of South County Smiles experience is the pronounced way in which each of the members of our team work together in order to design and provide care for our patients.

Convenient Care

Our goal at South County Smiles is to ensure that patients are always able to receive the dental care that they need. We accomplish this by striving to provide the most convenient care possible with our extended hours, comfortable office, specialist team on site, and convenient location.

Affordable Care

We work to provide financial solutions for our patients to ensure that they are able to receive the most appropriate care. We never want cost to be a determining factor for our patients, so we offer several different financial options for our patients. We also have a full time Treatment Coordinator on staff to assist our patients with coordination of care and finances.

We Care

At South County Smiles, the simplest way to phrase what sets us apart is that we, as a growing team of skilled and professional individuals, care. We care about our patients, the field of dentistry and providing patients with the best service possible.