Chewing on Ice

It is a fairly common habit for people to chew on ice. The tendency usually increases with the warmer weather approaching so we thought we would discuss it now. We frequently see patients who are suffering from gum injuries and broken teeth – sometimes as a result of exactly this habit. One of the easiest ways to avoid this fate, is to avoiding chewing ice.

Rather than crushing big chunks of ice with your teeth, we recommend letting ice slivers melt in the mouth like candy and crunching on baby carrots or apple chunks instead. These healthier options pose less of a risk to your teeth than ice.

If you have an ice-chewing habit and find it difficult to stop, we would love to hear about it. Craving and chewing ice is often correlated with iron deficiency anemia (an easily identified and common problem that can be corrected fairly easily).

As we welcome the warmer weather, we’d like to remind you that your smile is strong and beautiful, but preventing larger problems like cracked and broken teeth is the easiest strategy.


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