Continuous Education

Continuing Education usually refers to a limited number of courses that dentists take. The amount of courses many practitioners take is determined by state laws requiring a designated amount during each licensing period.

Continuous Education for us implies that learning is a life long commitment. This is not something that happens as a result of regulations and licensing guidelines, it is something that happens when we find the world around us to be relevant and interesting. It involves the recognition that education doesn’t just take occur in the  classroom. With the advent of streaming videos and study clubs, we can (and do!) watch teaching videos whenever we’d like.

Participating in study clubs with regularity reminds us to recognize there is still much to learn and participate in the dental profession. There is always something new on the horizon that could potentially be applied at our office.

Check out the image below from our one of our recent study club adventures!

Dr.DiSano, Stefani, Amanda & Lauren



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