Dental Bleaching

For Memorial Day and the beginning of summertime, we offered a bleaching promotion for our in-house KӧR whitening system. All of the participants are thrilled with their results and we had the pleasure of interviewing one about the process. His words describe the ease of the process and demonstrate his pleasure with the outcome. “It’s good! I pretend I’m at the beach, and just lay back and I let them do their thing. It was not painful. Obviously, I cannot see what they’re doing, but when it is done, they clean you up and say ‘we’re done – take a look’ and show you the mirror. It’s awesome!” Take a peek at his amazing results and learn more about whitening on our website or at your next appointment.


ray collageScreen Shot 2018-07-14 at 8.10.18 AM








Ray was able to get a his smile an incredible 13 shades whiter – what a transformation!! We’ve included some before and after images of his smile below. These incredible results are possible because of the unique way the KӧR whitening system works. We invite you to explore more about the system here and to request a consultation today to learn more about the process and what it entails.

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