We have a wonderful team of dedicated and professional Associate Dentists and Specialists as part of our South County Smiles Team. Our specialist include experts in the areas of Periodontics, Implantology and Dental Surgery as well as our Lead Dentist and Associate Doctors.

At South County Smiles we are happy to be able to serve all our patients at our office without the need for referrals. Our patients have informed us that they appreciate the ability to get all their dental needs satisfied in one office. We have happily obliged this request with the expansion of our specialist team. We believe that the ability to serve all our patients needs is essential to the success of many patients procedures. We have dedicated ourselves to the provide the best level of comprehensive care at our Wakefield, Rhode Island office.

Click the images below to read a full biography of each of our Associated and Specialists: Dr. Jeffrey Wnuk, and Dr. Giuseppe Cicero.