Dr.Cicero on Implant Treatment Planning

“Advances in hard and soft tissue augmentation using 3D printing technology – Building the site for correct implant treatment planning”

It sounds like a lot – and it was! This three day course was taught by our own – Dr. Giuseppe Cicero. We were able to discuss soft and hard tissue regeneration topics, from the basics to the more complex cases, make and utilize a custom 3D printed model of a real patient generated from a CTscan, practice surgery on model jaws, and perform surgery on a delightful patient! This was an opportunity for us to expand our techniques and ensure that they are effectively utilized and implemented to maximize the connection between natural biology and technology.

We are thankful for Dr.Cicero for deciding to host this course in conjunction with Sweden & Martina at Precision Craft Dental Lab. It was such a wonderful experience and we are delighted with all of the information we were able to attain from 3 days of diligent work.
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