Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental ServicesDealing with a dental emergency can be a nerve-wracking, painful experience, especially if you have one in the middle of a pandemic. Here at South County Smiles, we want you to know that amidst these uncertain times, we are still here for you should you experience a dental emergency, and our staff is taking all the appropriate measures to ensure that you can receive the care you need in the safest way possible. 

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

Not every dental need is necessarily an emergency, and if you are experiencing something that is not an emergency we want to encourage you to schedule an appointment at a later time so that we can address your needs when conditions have improved regarding COVID-19. That being said, some dental needs qualify as an emergency and in these cases we do encourage you to contact us so we can develop a plan for how to best meet your needs. 

The following conditions are considered a dental emergency and should be addressed as soon as possible by one of our doctors:

  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Painful swelling in or around your mouth
  • Pain in a tooth, teeth or jaw bone
  • Gum infection with pain or swelling
  • Post-surgery treatment (dressing change, stitch removal)
  • Broken or knocked out tooth
  • Denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other treatment for cancer
  • Snipping or adjusting wire of braces that hurts your cheek or gums
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue

The following services are considered routine and can wait to be addressed until a later date:

  • Regular visits for exams, cleanings and x-rays
  • Regular visits for braces
  • Removal of teeth that are aren’t painful
  • Treatment of cavities that aren’t painful
  • Tooth whitening

How to Reach Us

If you have questions regarding your dental needs and wonder if your condition is considered urgent, we encourage you to give us a call at 401-783-1530. You can also reach us via email at info@smilesri.com. We would be happy to advise you on how best to proceed and can offer you helpful tips to help improve your dental health if your case is not considered an emergency. We thank you for your continued patience during this unprecedented time as we work to adapt our infrastructure to meet the changing needs in our patients at this time. 

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