Financial Coordinators

Our Financial team works to improve the experience of our patients. The largest component of this position is dental insurance. Our financial team works directly with your insurance carrier to solve any coverage or financial issues, verifying insurance requirements for receiving care, and providing coordination services as a liaison between the patient and insurer. They work to file appeals and apply funds to patients accounts as dictated by the insurance companies. They play a critical role in the oral health and well being of our patients because we strive to ensure that finances and the cost of the appropriate care are never a barrier for our patients to accept treatment.

Their 30 plus years of combined experience and commitment to our patients makes them a unique and prized part of the South County Smiles team. They are active participants in the oral health of our patients and we are truly fortunate to have such a caring Financial team.

Lori Aussant

Lori is one of our financial coordinators and has been with Dr.DiSano both before and after the transformation to ‘South County Smiles’. Her dedication over the last 10 years has been outstanding. Lori received her associate’s degree in Business Management from Bryant University and has been working in the dental field for over 35 years. She also has her CPR and OSHA certifications and stays current with dental courses pertaining to insurance, office managing, billing, and collections.


Lori is happily married to her husband since 1985 and they enjoy traveling together. Lori especially loves the beach and she is always the first one in the office with a radiant tan. It is never called to question that Lori loves being around people, especially her friends and family whom she adores.

Jordan Scavello

Jordan joined our team in 2019 to work directly with Lori in our financial department. She has several years of experience in the field and has brought much additional knowledge to the department. She has worked both as a patient care coordinator and an insurance coordinator so she has the ability to look at finances from several different perspectives.


Jordan loves to spend time with her family and just like most Rhode Islanders loves to spend time at the beach. Our coastlines and beaches are truly one of Rhode Island’s biggest assets. One of the more unique things that you may not know about Jordan is that in her free time, Jordan enjoys going target shooting!

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