Fun Activities – Toothbrush Painting

Today we are highlighting this fun activity that can be done with prechool and young elementary aged children.


  • White construction paper or drawing paper
  • Kitchen strainer or plastic basket
  • Toothbrushes
  • Tempera or poster paint
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors


To begin, cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers.

Cut out paper shapes. Draw and cut out shapes from construction paper. Some examples and templates are here.

Put masking tape at the back of each shape and tape to a sheet of white construction paper or drawing paper (e.g. 9″ x 12″). Arrange the shapes on the sheet, spacing them out at least an inch apart. Once you’re happy with their positions, press firmly on each shape to stick it in place.

Prepare three or more colors of tempera or poster paint on your palette. Thin down the paint with some water and mix well.

Place a kitchen strainer or a plastic basket on top of the paper. You can either position it upright or upside down—as long as the screen or mesh doesn’t touch the paper directly.

To paint, dip a toothbrush in one color of paint shaking off the excess paint. Brush across the strainer so that the paint is sprayed onto the paper. Repeat using other colors of paint until the entire paper is painted. If your strainer or basket is smaller than your paper, move it to a different section of the paper as you change colors. Rinse the toothbrush in water when changing colors or you can assign one toothbrush for each color.

Once you’re done painting, lift the strainer from the paper. Let the paper dry. Once dry, carefully remove the shape cut-outs. The areas that were once covered by the cut-outs remain white. A beautiful spray of colors surround each white shape producing a fun and colorful result!


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