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General Dentistry

From preventative care to full restoration.

Benefits of General Dentistry

1. Improved Chewing and Digestion: Dental treatments enhance chewing, aiding better digestion.


2. Prevention of Future Issues: Regular dental care helps detect and prevent future dental problems.


3. Boosted Self-Confidence: Dental improvements often lead to increased self-confidence.

What are our patients saying?

Deb I.
Deb I.
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Had a great experience at South County Smiles. Dr Ben is excellent. Needed a crown and filling replaced and they took great care to make sure i was comfortable. Would highly recommend
Diana D.
Diana D.
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I had 3 fillings. Didn't feel a thing. The staff was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. The dentist was patient and gentle. Definitely recommend.
Mel W.
Mel W.
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BEST DENTIST VISIT EVER!! I had two old amalgam fillings replaced and it was seamless!! No high spots afterwards! Both him & his Assistant worked in unison!! Need dental work, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Droney at South County Smiles!
Zoey J.
Zoey J.
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I just got 2 fillings done by Dr. DiSano and both of his assistants (Emma and Alicia) were absolutely amazing and made sure I was comfortable the entire time!! Loki the office dog, sat on my lap kept me company and calm the my entire appointment!

Our Services

Composite Fillings​

We provide aesthetic composite fillings using white resin to match your tooth. Decay is removed, and the tooth is repaired with the filling for a durable, natural-looking restoration.

Dental Crowns​

Dental crowns, used for various purposes like supporting bridges and restoring damaged teeth, are crafted with advanced technology and high-quality porcelain. They offer protection while perfectly resembling a natural tooth.

Dental Bridges​

Dental bridges come in various types but all use supports or abutments to hold a span of prosthetic teeth, ideal for replacing one or more missing teeth in a row.


We offer implant-supported and traditional dentures for those missing most or all teeth. Modern dentures restore function and appearance, enhancing your smile with confidence.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, used for inflamed or infected tooth pulp due to trauma or decay, preserves teeth and prevents extraction. Contrary to belief, it relieves severe dental pain rather than causing it.


Sometimes, restoring oral health necessitates tooth extraction. At South County Smiles, we offer tooth extractions in-house, eliminating the need to visit another practice for this care.

Meet Our Doctors

Cleanings & Preventative Care

  • Prevent Dental Issues: Regular dental cleanings and preventative care help prevent common dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay, saving you from costly and painful treatments in the long run.

  • Maintain Oral Health: Routine dental check-ups and cleanings ensure the overall health of your mouth, keeping your teeth and gums in their best condition and enhancing your overall well-being.

  • A Beautiful Smile: Professional cleanings and preventive care can help maintain a bright and healthy smile, boosting your self-confidence and ensuring you can show off your pearly whites with pride.

How It Works

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