Happy Father’s Day

Susan Gale has said, “A father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” and we cannot say how true this is. We send out our thanks to all the awesome patients who are also fathers out there. Our team has observed you holding hands of your fearful children, teasing teenagers and making jokes, sneaking in early morning appointments to make it to work on time, paying for sealants and fluoride to provide the best care possible for your children and countless other acts that prove how deeply and compassionately you care for your children.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to honor one father in particular – Dr.Joseph L. DiSano, Dr. Joseph C. DiSano’s father.

“My father was my biggest and most influential mentor and I am where I am today because of him. I will continue his legacy by providing the best care possible to our patients. I hope I can do half as good of a job providing mentorship and opportunity to my children as you did for me, Dad!”

Dr.Joseph L. Disano truly has created a legacy of superior care and compassion in South County. His approach and attitude as well as his chairside manor has left many people much more comfortable in a dental chair than they have ever been. He has provided countless hours of consult and guidance to Dr.DiSano, been a wonderful employer and demonstrated a genuine commitment to his patients and his staff.  At South County Smiles, we hope that we provide you with an experience similar to that of Dr.Joseph L. DiSano and that you are as equally as satisfied with your visits to us as so many patients have been with Dr.DiSano.

With kind and generous thoughts, we wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!

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