Introducing…3D X-rays

South County Smiles is excited to introduce our newest addition to our selection of diagnostic tools – the Planmeca ProMax 3D imaging unit! This unit is designed to allow us to take 3D X-rays, so….

ProMax3D.jpgWhat Are 3D X-rays?

3D X-rays are a compact, safer, faster version of a regular CAT scan or CT. In 3D dental X-rays, a cone shaped X-ray beam used during rotation, produces cross sectional images of bone and some soft tissues in varying degrees of detail depending on pre-determined level of resolution. Though there are many other imaging techniques, some more detailed, 3D CBCT imaging has the unique ability to offer clear images with limited patient exposure to radiation and provides only the necessary detail needed to make a proper diagnosis.

Your doctor would use 3D X-ray for a variety of diagnostic
tests including:
• Oral surgery
• Implant planning
• Orthodontic planning & implant anchorage
• Cephalometric analysis
• TMJ analysis
• Airway study (sleep apnea)
• Jaw tumors
• Impacted teeth
• Periodontal diseases
• Endodontic anomalies implants, oral surgery, and problems related to gums

Whenever we mention X-rays, we know there a concern with the levels of radiation we expose our patients to…

We have selected this particular machine because it is designed to comply with the best practices in dentistry by following the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) radiation principle to minimize the patient’s exposure to radiation. With this particular machine, images can be captured with an even lower patient radiation dose than in a standard 2D panoramic while also reducing radiation by 77%. This innovative imaging protocol is based on intelligent 3D algorithms developed by Planmeca and offers detailed anatomical information at a very low effective patient dose.

These Ultra-Low Dose images are useful for a wide variety of clinical applications, such as post-operative follow-ups, orthodontic cases requiring localization of impacted teeth, detection of facial asymmetries, sinus imaging, pharyngeal airways in sleep apnea patients, and in implant cases.

We are also making a conscious effort to follow a smart approach to your care…

In most cases we will follow the below protocol:

• We are able to take Extraoral Bitewings -allowing us to see more of your mouth, and do more, to help diagnose your current or potential issues in your mouth.
• After your initial scan, if we do find an area of concern, our exclusive system enables 3D imaging of your mouth on the same machine instantly.
• If necessary, to see finer details, we can segment area of interest (using a higher dose or radiation), but limit exposure to only the place of concern, thus minimizing your area of exposure.

Your care and safety are our highest priorities at South County Smiles. Our practice is committed to providing you with the finest in oral care and working to maintain your healthy smile. We believe this new addition will allow us to make more effective and accurate diagnosis as well as create more comprehensive treatment plans. We are constantly striving to serve you better and hope you are as excited as we are about implementing this new technology to better meet your needs at the office.

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