Invisalign Week

When it comes to dentistry, are many procedure that patients do not look forward to. Invisalign is not included in this list! In almost every case we have seen, our patients that decide to proceed with Invisalign treatment, are thrilled to be doing so.

I can speak pretty confidently about the Invisalign process because I sell it and I am currently in treatment! Invisalign is one of the easiest dental procedures because it is honestly as simple as wearing clear trays! There is minimal discomfort, minimal maintenance, and it doesn’t inhibit your life at all. The dramatic results that Invisalign accomplished are amazing.

invisalign color logo

We were so thrilled to promote Invisalign in our office this week and hope the patients who have accepted treatment during the promotional period (and in general) are thrilled with their new smiles!

For more information about the Invisalign process, give us a call to set up a consultation! 401-783-1530

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