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Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are a modern alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment with braces. Instead of metal wires and brackets, the Invisalign system uses clear plastic aligners to gently shift your teeth into their correct positions. During your consultation at our office, we’ll determine whether Invisalign is a fit for your needs

How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign process begins by using advanced technology to create digital impressions of your teeth. These digital images are used to generate a 3D model of your smile on our computer, which is used for treatment planning and to provide a preview of your results. Your dentist will design a customized series of clear aligners, which will then be fabricated by Invisalign.

Your aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and more convenient than traditional braces. Patients appreciate that Invisalign allows them to continue to eat their favorite foods, smile with confidence, and attain the same results as braces with none of the hassles.


Clear Aligners

Clear plastic aligners are recommended for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.


Clear plastic aligners are recommended for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.

No Food Restrictions

Because Invisalign aligners are removed before eating, you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods.

Faster Results

With Invisalign, you may be able to achieve a straighter smile in just 6-18 months, as compared to the average of 2–3 years of treatment required for traditional braces.

Better Oral Health

Being able to remove your aligners means you can brush and floss like you normally would, reducing the risk of tooth decay and unsightly white spots.

Increased Comfort

Your aligners are smooth and comfortable, as opposed to brackets and wires that can cause irritation and mouth sores.

Fewer Dental Visits

You won’t need to visit your dentist as often with Invisalign and because there’s no adjustments or tightening involved, your appointments will be shorter too.

Are You A Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Although there are rare cases in which traditional orthodontic braces are recommended, the vast majority of patients are candidates for Invisalign. Clear aligner therapy can be used to correct:

Crowded teeth

When secondary teeth erupt without the necessary space, crowding occurs. Your teeth may overlap or be positioned at an angle, which makes it difficult to keep them clean. If you’re not able to brush or floss thoroughly, you have a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Invisalign aligners can shift your teeth into proper alignment, giving you a healthier smile.

Gaps Between Teeth

Just like crowded teeth, gaps between teeth can also compromise your dental health. These empty spaces can collect bacteria and food particles, which sets the stage for gum disease and cavities. Invisalign can close the gaps in your smile.

Bite Alignment

Whether it’s an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, Invisalign aligners can treat many cases of mild to moderate bite issues. By doing so, you’ll have an improved facial profile and symmetry, and better oral health by alleviating excess pressure on the jaw joints and reducing the risk of abnormal wear on your teeth.


PROPEL is an innovative accelerated orthodontic option that fast tracks patient’s orthodontic treatment. PROPEL is used in conjunction with Invisalign and allows patients to achieve the same excellent orthodontic results but in much shorter treatment times.

PROPEL reduces the amount of time patients are in braces or clear aligners by working with the body’s own natural biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster. The simple 3 step in-office treatment is performed in minutes by Dr.DiSano and is done during a patient’s regularly scheduled appointment. PROPEL yields no discomfort to the patient and requires no recovery time so normal daily activities can be resumed immediately.

To find out if PROPEL® and/or Invisalign is right for you please contact us to schedule a consultation.


Most frequent questions and answers about Invisalign.

The main benefits of Invisalign are that the system is discreet, comfortable, and convenient. Your clear aligners are virtually invisible, so you can smile proudly without feeling self-conscious about metal brackets and wires. In addition, the plastic used to make aligners is thin and smooth, making them more comfortable than braces too. With faster results, no food restrictions, and fewer dental visits needed, Invisalign is the most convenient orthodontic treatment option available.

On average, it takes patients about a year to achieve results with Invisalign, but we offer Accelerated Invisalign, which has the potential to reduce treatment time by up to 70 percent. Some patients may see results in as little as two to three months.

Patients rarely describe Invisalign as painful, but it can be uncomfortable at times. When you first begin wearing a new set of aligners, you’ll feel some tightness and pressure, which is a sign that your teeth are moving. If needed, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever to alleviate this discomfort.

Accelerated Invisalign uses a device called the Propel VPro5, which accelerates orthodontic treatment and increases the predictability of tooth movement. With only 5 minutes of use a day, this technology stimulates an immune response to facilitate advanced tooth movement in targeted areas.

Invisalign is often imitated, never duplicated! Although Smile Direct Club may seem like a more convenient, affordable treatment option, the cost of Invisalign includes gum exams, x-rays, and other evaluations to ensure that you are a candidate for treatment. You’ll also get more professional oversight with Invisalign to ensure that your treatment is going as planned. Without this oversight, you may cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

Brush your teeth and aligners every morning and night. Whenever you remove your aligners during the day, rinse them with lukewarm water. After you eat, you should always brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in.

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