Kelly Celebrating 10 Years with South County Smiles

Kelly and ZachFrom the moment that Kelly joined our team, it was clear that she was passionate about 2 things: being the best mom and family member she absolutely could and providing exceptional care for the patients she saw every day in our office. Her commitment to her family and her son, Zach in particular, is so genuine and powerful that it resonates from her at every moment. As she builds a foundation and a relationship with her patients, I overhear her tell stories about him to many of these patients. Her willingness to share her life and passion about her son with her patients has been such a foundation for them that many times they come into the room and ask about Zach immediately. We remember how excited she was when Zach was learning to walk and how proud she was the day she said his first word. This little guy is not learning how to walk and talk any more; Zach recently celebrated his 10th birthday! This means that our hygienist Kelly has been an essential and amazing team member with South County Smiles for 10 years!

Over the past decade, we have watched Kelly build countless relationships, provide exceptional patient care, help patients through difficult times, foster friendships and camaraderie with team members, serve as a leader, place herself in a guidance roll, establish protocols, continue to educate herself in the field of dental hygiene and be a genuine and true provider to our patients. We could not have asked for a more committed and personable person to be a serve as a part of our hygiene team, nor did we ever anticipate how much we would come to rely on her on a daily basis.Kelly 1

As we think back to our tiny two room office on Main Street, we can remember Kelly being there and smiling at patients as she greeted them in our shared waiting area. With all of the struggles in the space, we remember Kelly being there and offering solutions and offering her assistance to help. As radical changes were being discussed and the considerations were being made to move to a new facility and all of the logistics and challenges that came with it, we can still hear Kelly being excited and positive about the proposals and changes. When we were finally able to move, we remember her participating and smiling helping to set up rooms and spaces. Most recently as we celebrated 20th year anniversary, we remember Kelly being there and toasting to Dr.DiSano and all of his hard work. Kelly has been a steady constant of positive energy and support, a constant source of contribution and aid, a dedicated and faithful employee and a supremely passionate and caring person.

This quarter we are celebrating Kelly, her contributions to the office, the sacrifices she has made to serve this role for us, the amazing mom and person she is, and how much she exceeds our expectations on a daily basis. Our tremendous thanks and gratitude goes out to you, Kelly. You are not only a coworker, but a friend and someone who should be admired for their passion and commitment to their family and profession. It is not often that someone can excel at multiple things, but you truly are an exceptional employee and generous and committed family member. These two things have been exemplified time and time again to all of those who know you. Our deepest congratulations and thanks go out to you as you celebrate 10 years with South County Smiles!

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