Maximizing your dental insurance benefits

How much money is left unused in my dental insurance plan?

We get this question frequently from patients – especially in November and December. Often there isn’t much money left and if there is there is not much in the way of doctor availability to complete treatment need prior to the end of the calendar year. Obviously for patients who want to get the most from their dental benefits, that can be a frustrating prospect. Honestly, it is frustrating for us as well. Our team always strives to meet patient needs and scheduling is sometimes the biggest hurdle.

For this reason, we thought it would be great to bring it to your attention now. If you have benefits you would like to use for treatment before the end of the year, September and October are the ideal times to call us to get quotations and appointments . Once the holiday season is upon us, scheduling is complicated, lives are busier and money is tighter with the gift giving season on the horizon.

If your benefits are depleted for the year, we make a good effort to try to send out pre-certifications the last week in December. The pre-certification helps remind our patients of outstanding dental work and allows them to see how much help they will get from their insurer.

If you are in need of services and have questions about the benefits remaining on your dental insurance, give us a call and we’d be happy to help!  401-783-1530

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