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Read more about what Dr.Cicero says about himself and his work:

Since I was young I had a dream: to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a dentist.

At 14 I started observing him in our family practices in Rome, that’s when I knew this profession would become my life’s work.

Since that first day many things have happened.

My parents encouraged me to be a citizen of the world; at 16 I was sent to the United States to broaden my horizon.

Studying in the us exposed me to a diverse student body and allowed me to cultivated a global sensibility. After my experience in America I worked alongside my father practice in Rome while attending dental school.

My ambition paid off. After 5 years in Rome I was given the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious Periodontal residency programs in the world, in NYC.

During these years I was able to channel my passion and refine my focus into the field of Periodontics.

My time here connected me to a new family of clinicians that inspire and influence my work to this day. Today my profession is divided between the Italy and the United States.

A big part of my profession today is devoted to research and education, improving patient care, striving for new innovative protocols and pushing the limits of my profession.

My work has reveled to me first-hand what giving back a smile means. People life’s do change when they start smiling again.

This cities I work in and the patients I treat are a great source of inspiration and motiviation for me. Today I am ready to continue a great challenge in my life, a challenge that is a promise and a commitment: to make people smile again.

However, this is only the beginning. I also want to shape and change the way we inspire future generations of Dentists.

The future is of the people who dream and today it’s the right time to make our dreams become true!

My name is Dr Giuseppe Cicero, I am a periodontist and work with passion every day to make people smile again.


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