Northeastern Society of Periodontists Welcomes Dr.Sylvia Nagy

Breaking news! Dr. Sylvia Nagy is a new member of the Northeastern Society of Periodontist. This is a dedicated group of periodontal specialist who are committed to providing the highest level of surgical care. Their educational mission statement reads, “to promote research in, and to disseminate information regarding, the art and science of periodontics”.

Dr.Nagy, along with approximately 300 other members, recognize this as a particularly relevant subject matter for several reasons. One predominate change that has led to the need for research is the the increasing role of implants in treatment plans. There is also a growing correlation being identified between the relationship of periodontal disease to systemic disease. We also continue to explore the role of genetics in regeneration of periodontal structures. As we continue to personalize medicine and change the field of dentistry in general it leads to the need for a customized approach to patient care. 

This new accolade for Dr.Nagy corresponds with a re-categorization of the various forms of periodontitis. This new categorization includes both; a staging and grading system for periodontitis. The new classifications for diseases and conditions provides a model more in line to to what is utilized in other medicine, and will allow clinicians to better develop comprehensive treatment plans based on a patient’s specific needs. It allows clinicians to better treat the whole patient; something Dr.Nagy has always been proficient at.

As Dr.Nagy continues to thrive in the field of Periodontics, we are so excited that she has taken on this new role as a member of the Northeastern Society of Periodontist. This organization has grown to become the largest, regional periodontal society in the United States and we are thrilled to have one of our own as their newest members.

Congratulations to Dr.Syliva Nagy on her most recent accomplishment!

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