Oral3D Printer

We are excited to speak about the Oral3D printer – one of the newest technologies we have implemented and placed at the office! You will notice the printer running the next time you come to the office behind our reception area. This quiet and effective 3D printer was specifically designed by our own, Dr. Giuseppe Cicero, to fit in a dental office setting. We are utilizing the Oral3D to produce 3D printed models (in less than an hour!) from our digital imaging systems. These models are used for patient education and to assist in the thorough and comprehensive treatment planning. This model helps to remove uncertainty in the treatments and allows us to effectively and comprehensively assess your needs. We are so excited about this new technology and what it will mean for patient care.

Be sure to take a peek at the Oral3D in action! We’ve included a video to give you an idea of how it operates here:

[wpvideo CbdhqKDW]



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