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Sedation Dentistry

Relax and Smile: Gentle Care for a Stress-Free Dental Experience.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Sedation dentistry makes it possible for patients with severe dental anxiety and phobias to get the care they need.
  • With sedation dentistry, your treatment may be completed in less time or with fewer appointments.
  • Patients with sensitive gag reflexes have a more comfortable dental experience with sedation dentistry.
  • Sedation levels and types can be customized to your needs.

What are our patients saying?

Terri Viveros
Terri Viveros
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Staff is amazing. I’ve always had dentist anxiety, and they made me feel safe and secure. Dr Ben is wonderful!!
Gregor Smith
Gregor Smith
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Everyone is so great here and really couldn’t be nicer or more attentive to every question and concern. As great as a visit to the dentist can be even for me who has a lot of dental anxiety.
Edward Sarabi
Edward Sarabi
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Staff is professional, courteous and friendly. I am usually worried about dental care but the staff and doctor quickly put me at ease. I am very happy with my experiences at South Country Smiles.
Allan McNay
Allan McNay
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Such a wonderful office. I had such fear of the dentist before I came to South County Smiles. I highly recommend them!

Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Sedation?

Who Needs Sedation?

Sedation dentistry offers benefits for people of all ages, particularly those experiencing dental anxiety, fear of needles, sensitive gag reflex, extreme teeth sensitivity, claustrophobia, decreased response to anesthesia, difficulty controlling movements, or special needs.

What Type of Sedation is Offered at South County Smiles?

We solely provide oral sedation, opting NOT to offer nitrous oxide or IV sedation. Our focus on oral sedation ensures effective dental care while meeting the needs of our patients in a safe and comfortable manner.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation involves taking sedative medication, usually in pill form, an hour before the dental procedure, typically triazolam (Halcion®) or other medications like zaleplon and lorazepam. This method induces grogginess and potential sleepiness, yet allows communication with the dentist, and requires someone to drive you home afterward due to its temporary impact on memory and motor skills.

Benefits / Risks

Oral sedation offers benefits such as reducing dental anxiety, providing relaxation during procedures, and often inducing partial or full memory loss of the dental experience. However, it carries risks including potential side effects such as grogginess, dizziness, and nausea. Additionally, patients must arrange transportation home.

Many patients struggle with dental anxiety and phobias, hindering their access to necessary dental care. At South County Smiles, we understand these concerns and specialize in easing anxiety. Our team provides gentle, compassionate care, ensuring a comfortable experience for every patient. For those needing extra relaxation, we offer safe and effective sedation options. We choose to use conscious oral sedation, a method known for its safety and efficacy, minimizing risks and side effects. Trust us to make your dental visits stress-free and reassuring.


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How It Works

Step 1 (Before The Procedure)

Discuss sedation options with your dentist during the initial consultation, provide your health history, and abstain from eating or drinking for at least six hours beforehand; notify your dentist of any blood thinners you're taking and arrange for a trusted person to drive you home after the appointment.

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Step 2 (During The Procedure)

Receive sedative medications administered by your dentist before the procedure, undergo local anesthesia once sedated, and communicate any discomfort or concerns with your dentist; afterward, rest at home while the sedative effects wear off.

Step 3 (After The Procedure)

Have a trusted friend or family member drive you home if you received oral sedation or IV sedation, wait at least 24 hours before driving or returning to work or school, and follow postoperative dietary guidelines provided by your dentist while monitoring for any unusual symptoms and contacting your dentist if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

There are several sedation options in dentistry, but at South County Smiles, we choose to use conscious oral sedation because this method is both safe and effective, with few serious side effects or risks.

Conscious oral sedation can last for several hours, depending on the medication and dosage prescribed.

You’ll feel relaxed and calm; with conscious oral sedation, you may also feel groggy and somewhat disoriented, but you will always be conscious, responsive, and aware of your surroundings. We do not provide the type of dental sedation that allows you to sleep through your procedure.

The forms of dental sedation we offer are safe and well-tolerated by most patients. The most common side effects are lightheadedness, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and drowsiness. Because you remain fully conscious with both of these sedation methods, there is little risk involved.

Dental sedation helps you feel relaxed, but it doesn’t impact your ability to feel pain. For this reason, dental sedation is used in conjunction with local anesthetic. This ensures that you feel both calm and comfortable during your appointment.

No, sedation is not the same as general anesthesia, which allows you to be unconscious during your procedure. You’ll be awake and aware of your surroundings with sedation dentistry, but deeply relaxed.

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