To see the end result before correcting your smile – wouldn’t that be amazing? With Digital Smile Design, South County Smiles is able to show you how your smile will look prior to beginning treatment. This innovative technique allows your initial dental status to be analyzed, then possible treatment outcomes and alternatives to be judged beforehand.

More than any other part of the body, an appealing smile determined the attractiveness of a person. An overall impression takes place when bright, even teeth together with gums and mouth fit perfectly to the face contours and give a natural look. Many people suffer from discolored teeth or are ashamed of crooked teeth or gaps present in their mouth. Before you make a decision we can show you the possible solutions on pictures and, in some cases, a physically applied prototype (Wax-up) so you can find the smile that is right for you. This increases the predictability of our cases and leaves our patients more satisfied with the results.