If you’re feeling self-conscious and concerned about crooked or protruding teeth, you’re not alone. Not everyone has naturally perfect alignment, but thanks to Orthodontics, you can have just that. Correcting orthodontic problems is not just about cosmetics and improving self-confidence; there are very important dental health reasons as well. Malocclusions can cause difficulty in chewing and speaking or can wear away enamel on healthy teeth or put excess stress on your gum tissue and surrounding bone. In addition, teeth that are crooked or overlapping are difficult to clean, which can put you at risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

At South County Smiles we are proud to offer Orthodontic Services to our patients. They include:

Invisalign Braces

2018_silverInvisalign braces are a great orthodontic alternative for patients who want to straighten their teeth, but who don’t want to wear metal braces. Straightening your teeth can drastically improve your smile.

People with straight teeth smile more often, and feel more confident. Straight teeth boost self esteem, and they prevent dental problems and cavities. It can also help you feel more comfortable while they are chewing, and can speak more clearly. With Invisalign braces, straight teeth are now more attainable than ever for our patients. Even if you don’t like the thought of metal braces or wires, you can still enjoy a beautiful, confident, smile with stunning straight teeth.

invisalign color logoInvisalign braces are made from a clear plastic. They are molded to fit your mouth, and look completely invisible. You’ll be able to smile confidently in social situations, even while you are wearing braces. Invisalign braces are completely removable. There are no food restrictions with Invisalign braces. You can simply remove the braces and enjoy your favorite foods, and then put the braces back in again. You can also remove the braces each night while you brush your teeth and floss. Invisalign braces don’t interrupt your regular tooth care routine.

Invisalign braces are easy, invisible, convenient, and completely effective. Invisalign uses a series of different plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into straight positions. You will wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks, and you can easily chart your progression towards a straighter smile with each aligner change. Invisalign braces are affordable, and require less appointments than regular metal braces. No wires need to be adjusted or checked. You can enjoy an easier, and more streamlined process.



Dr. Joseph C. DiSano of South County Smiles in Wakefield RI is excited to announce that he is now offering PROPEL, an innovative accelerated orthodontic option that fast tracks patient’s orthodontic treatment. PROPEL allows patients to achieve the same excellent orthodontic results but in much shorter treatment times which also means less office visits.

PROPEL reduces the amount of time patients are in braces or clear aligners by working with the body’s own natural biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster. The simple 3 step in-office treatment is performed in minutes by Dr.DiSano and is done during a patient’s regularly scheduled appointment. PROPEL yields no discomfort to the patient and requires no recovery time so normal daily activities can be resumed immediately. Results from patients who have already received PROPEL have been exceptional in a range of cases including spacing, crowding, open bite, cross bite, and more.


To find out if PROPEL® and/or Invisalign is right for you please contact us to schedule a consultation.