Straight Outta Trays

Move over crooked teeth! Invisalign is unique and nearly invisible solution to correct dental alignment issues and crooked teeth. South County Smiles has been offering Invisalign as an orthodontic option to our patients for several years and recently been recognized as an Elite provider. The nearly invisible clear trays are worn daily to correct alignment issues and through progressive movement work over the course of time to correct these issues. Working in conjunction with Invisalign, Propel is a way to accelerate the results for Invisalign and reduce your overall treatment time (in most cases cutting it in half).

We are excited to announce that we have recently had several patients finish their Invisalign treatment and they are ‘straight outta trays’. Among these patients are an Invisalign teen case and a traditional Invisalign case with the inclusion of Propel. Both are delighted with their new smiles and we are so excited to have been a part of their smile transformation.

Congratulations on the completion of your treatment plan!

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