Treatment/Surgical Coordinator

Job description

Work closely with patients to explain treatment plans, procedures, and associated costs. Build and maintain relationships and trust with patients and provide exceptional service as they transition into treatment. Schedule and coordinate appointments for various dental treatments. Collaborate with the clinical team on comprehensive treatment plans for patients based on their oral health needs and priorities. Discuss treatment options, alternatives, and associated costs with patients. Coordinate financial arrangements and process payments.

Treatment/Surgical Coordinator is expected to be:

Dedicated to delivering five star customer service
Self motivated and understands the value of supporting others
Able to multitask, take initiative and possess time management skills
Adaptable, personable and a problem solver
Prompt and reliable
Organized and ensures prompt follow through
Confident with excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
Works well both independently and within a team
Detailed and numbers oriented
Knowledgeable in all aspects of treatment planning/case presentation
A mentor and trainer for other team members, ensuring they are well-versed in insurance procedures, patient communication and all financial aspects

You are the “Treatment/Surgical Coordinator” that job entails:

  • Insurance Verification and Chart Prep:
  • Verify patient insurance coverage and benefits to provide accurate information regarding costs and coverage for proposed treatments
  • Chart prep at least 1 week prior to appointments
  • Knowledgeable in all dental insurance current trends, including in and out of network benefits
  • Assist patients in understanding their insurance plans and financial responsibilities
  • Treatment Planning:
  • Collaborate with doctors to create comprehensive treatment plans for patients based on their oral health needs and priorities
  • Discuss treatment options, alternatives, and associated costs with patients
  • Follow up promptly and answer all questions patients may have regarding their finances
  • Track all treatment plan cases in Google Drive
  • Well versed with all CDT codes changes and updates
  • Financial Coordination:
  • Provide accurate financial estimates for treatments and procedures
  • Discuss payment and financing options with patients (Smiles Club, Care Credit, Allegro and Proceed Finance)
  • Coordinate financial arrangements, including processing payments, collecting balances and managing accounts
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping:
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records, including treatment plans, financial agreements, and insurance information
  • Document all important information in Dentrix and Google Drive
  • Collaboration with Dental Team:
  • Communicate effectively and provide support to all clinical and administrative team members to coordinate patient care
  • Relay patient concerns, preferences, and treatment priorities to the dental team
  • Attends morning huddle before patient care with clinical team
  • Scheduling:
  • Maintain and keep schedule full at all times by managing the unscheduled list, ASAP list, treatment pending list to meet scheduling goals
  • Audit/Checklist for doctor’s one week prior to scheduled appointments
  • Appointment Reminders and Follow-up:
  • Answer incoming calls, emails and Weave messages promptly
  • Provide appointment reminders to patients at least three days in advance and follow up on missed or canceled appointments
  • Monitor patient progress by keeping track of treatment plans and schedule follow-up appointments as needed

KPIS for this position:

  • Care credit, Allegro, Proceed finance tracking
  • Chart prep
  • Treatment Acceptance Rate

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